These prints were originally commissioned by Aimée and Monroe Price, a well known art historian and her laywer husband. They enabled me to buy a press and to stock up with plates and other printmaking paraphenalia. They posess three complete editions of the ninty one prints. One complete edition is in the Print room at the British Museum where a selection from it was exhibited. The complete framed edition has ben exhibited twice in Southwell Minster and the North Light Gallery, Huddelsfield.

On receiving the prints into the British Museum’s Print Room Anthony Friffiths, Head of Prints and Drawing wrote  -”It is most extraordinary and impressive achievement and we are glad to have it in the department as one of the major monuments of British print making in recent times”

While I was working on the prints I composed a poem called “From Two Lives”. Each print has a religiously inspired meditation on the subject and an account of something that had recently happened to me. In this way I hoped to show some relation between interior meditation and everyday events.

I made twelve complete editions of these prints and three proofs of each.